Ledger Audit Worklist

What is this worklist?

This worklist was created by Destinations Consulting and is provided at no charge to your practice. This worklist provides more detailed audit information about the entire ledger, including deleted lines.

How do you use this worklist?

From the main Compulink screen, select the green Data Mining button. From this screen, select "Criteria":

From the screen that pops up, select Add:

You can name this worklist whatever you'd like. We've named ours "Insurance Receivables (Includes 0-30 Days)". Make sure to include a description of this worklist for anyone else who may access these worklists. Copy and paste the following script into the SQL Script field:

Select tableaudit.tableauditunique,ledger.billunique, ledger.ldgrunique, ledger.date as "LedgerDate",tableaudit.added as "ADDED", Ledger.code as "Code", Ledger.Body as "DESC", ledger.amount, standardcode.short as "Event", replace(replace(Tableaudit.Details,char(10),' '),char(13),' ') as "Details", Login.loginID as "ID"

from tableaudit
left outer join ledger on tableaudit.tablerecordunique = ledger.ldgrunique
inner join standardcode on tableaudit.tableauditactionstdc = standardcode.stdcunique
left join securityaudit on securityaudit.secunique = tableaudit.secunique
inner join Login on securityaudit.logunique = login.logunique


(ledger.patunique =:patuniqueparam or tableaudit.details like ('%PATUNIQUE»'+:PATUNIQUEPARAM +'%')) and tableaudit.tblunique = 54

Order by ledger.date


Select "Global" for the Query Type and change Worklist from "N" to "Y". The Display Field Text should be:


How will I access this worklist?

From any screen in Compulink, select the Worklist icon at the top and double-click the worklist. It will take a few minutes to run.

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