Dr. Guilo Diamante, MD

OPTX Rhode Island

 Ashley is a conscientious listener and meticulously follows detail. Ashley closely followed every matter that I needed to address in my practice. She is extremely knowledgable with Compulink and her background as an optician was valuable in making improvements in our optical operations. She is energetic and dedicated to us as her client. Her suggestions and reports are well thought and through. It was a pleasure working with her and I look for to continuing to work with her and Destinations!



Steven_Grosser Steven Grosser, MD

West Metro Ophthalmology

 The best business decision I made this year is hiring Destinations Consulting.  Our large 9 provider practice needed significant help to customize our EMR to the latest upgrade, which would allow us to pursue meaningful use 2.  Their help made made that possible.  Shelly Johnson in particular proved to be a wizard with all aspects of open office, screenbuilder, smartscipts, and SQL programming.  There was nothing she could not do.  She works fast and is very cost effective.  She completed hundreds of requests from our practice over a several month period.  She was able to work independently after hours, so did not disrupt clinical practice.  In addition, Darla has a deep understanding of the EMR.  Her input at critical junctures was invaluable.  We would not have succeeded without their help.  I would highly recommend their team.  


Jeffrey Cooper ODJeffrey Cooper, M.S., O.D.
Cooper Eye Care/ SUNY College of Optometry

We have been using Compulink for over 15 years.  I have requested a number of items that have been promised but not delivered.   So I went to Darla with my list.  For example, I believe proper management of an office one requires a report which makes sure that the following are tracked:  no-show rate, list of patients seen but not entered, and a report that can evaluate the profit in each office division (office services, in-office surgery, surgery, contact lenses, optical boutique, and vision therapy.  With Darla’s help we have that report which has already saved us $100,000 that would have been lost without it. 

We also needed to make our vision therapy tab work.  Compulink wanted to charge me a fortune.  Darla and staff fixed it in 15 minutes with minimal cost.   Implementation of version 11 seemed daunting to us since we have so much customization.  Darla and her staff not only made happen with the minimum of disruption, but they showed us how to maximum our use.  So if you have special or normal needs including: custom reports, smartcript use, layout design, etc.  you get sophisticated know how.  Thanks Darla for all your help.  Our office appreciates it.


Denise_BruffDenise Bruff, Administrator
Premiere Eye Associates, P.C.

Kudo's to Darla Shewmaker!
We have been trying for a long time to understand our COGS report and didn't think it worked correctly in Compulink. Turns out it works just fine and is a great and easy tool; when your opticians understand and enter all of the information correctly....hmmmm, imagine that! Darla was kind enough to respond to my frustrated email to the list serve and we ended up scheduling a web-ex with our opticians last Friday. She answered all of our questions in an easy-to-understand manner, explained where the data pulls from and why, and gave us lots of pointers. We highly recommend Darla for your optical questions!



James E. Silone, Jr., D.O.
Center For Sight, Newark, OH

It is nice on occasion to look back at individuals who help change the way you practice.  One of the people who helped me and our practice is Darla Shewmaker.  She was a significant factor in assisting our office in implementing Electric Health Records.  Not only did she help us in the setup, she is a true visionary on thinking about what the software could and should do going forward.

I have found that Darla is a pleasure to work with and an invaluable resource over the last 8+ years.



Teresa D Carter, President
International Eyecare Center 

In any business it is important to align yourself with individuals who excel in their areas of expertise.  On occasion you will be blessed to find an individual who can offer insight across multi-level topics; Darla is one of those individuals.  Over the years Darla has been a person who has added accurate, concise, non-biased and factual information and guidance on a plethora of project topics.  I consider her input and insight to be invaluable.  




Kevin Katz, O.D. M.S.
Texas State Optical of Galveston

There are very few people in the eye care industry who have the perspective and understanding of what we do than Darla Shewmaker. She understands the operations of optometry, ophthalmology and opticianary practices. She understands the operation from the front desk all the way to putting the money in the bank. What I am talking about is not a superficial understanding. It is an in depth, clear operational understanding of how the practice works, and how technology helps drive the operation.

Darla is a communicator. I believe that she is going to help a lot more people succeed in practice now that she has her own consulting practice. I would encourage anyone to seek her services. 



Susan Berberich, MD
Kentucky Eye Care

Darla was the sole reason we chose the EHR that we have. She knew everything about the software and could answer any question.  She also was the one that helped us keep out sanity when going through the implementation and we were ready to pull our hair out.  She was the calm in the storm.

If you have specific needs or require customization for your particular office Darla is the person to turn to.



Samuel J. Baron, O.D.
Golden Vision Clinic, P.C.

Darla has been a very strong and positive link to my development of my Eye Care softwear.  I have treated the software as my 1959 Chevy, that I tune and polish obsessively, and Darla was always there with great ideas, different ways to perform the task, or just show me how the system already had it done.  She is a very hard worker (understatement) and always a positive perspective.




Jeff Grant, President
HCMA, Inc. 

I've worked with many people over the past 20+ years - both colleagues and clients - and only a few left a lasting impression on me. Darla is one of them. We have collaborated on projects and we have served each other, so I know first-hand how she "operates" - both with peers and with clients: always with unquestioned honesty & integrity, always with insight on some of the most complex topics, and always seeing things that others miss. I've learned valuable lessons from Darla and I know dozens of others who have as well. I value her ideas and I pay attention when she speaks. You should too.





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