Assessment and Plan Table

Assessment and Plan Table  (Compulink Version 11.x)

What is this report?

This report displays the assesments and plan table grouped by diagnosis code. It skips any items that are hidden. This report does not have a parameter screen and will run as soon as you choose it from the menu. The report will appear under the report section - miscellaneous. 

How do you use this report?

You will need to download the report by clicking "Download this Report" below. As with all files from the internet, be sure to run a virus scan on the report file prior to saving it in your advantage folder. In order for the report to appear on your menu in Compulink you will need to run the "Crystal Menu Update" under the UTILITY section of your Compulink main menu. 

Where will I find this report?

Reports > Miscellaneous > Custom Assessment and Plan

Download this report - Assessment and Plan Table


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