Prompt a YES / NO Question

Create Yes / No Button

Who can create these buttons?

We recommend that you have a basic level of understanding in Screen Builder before you attempt this or any other script. If you don't wish to create your own, we would love to do it for you! Contact

What will this button do?



  buttonSelected : Integer;
IF (SF.GetFieldText('Exam','ZZTEARTYPE')<>'') then
  buttonSelected := messagedlg('Was Anesthetic Used?',mtCustom,
                              [mbYes,mbNo], 0);

  // Show the button type selected
  if buttonSelected = mrYes    then SF.AssignFieldLogical('Exam','ZZSHIRANES',true);
  if buttonSelected = mrNo    then SF.AssignFieldLogical('Exam','ZZSHIRANES',false);

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