Notes About Report

Revenue Available:  These are the number of slots on that template related to complete exam appointments.

Revenue Booked:  The number of revenue appointments scheduled for that day.

% Booked: % of revenue slots defined by the template that are booked. All numbers less than 95% turn red on this report.

Cancel Same Day: A new appointment status was created to track appointments cancelled same day. These are more difficult to fill.

No Show: Revenue appointments slots that were a no show.

Checks Available: The number of short check spots available on the template.

Checks Booked: The number of check appointments booked.

% Booked: % of checks booked slots defined by the template that are booked. If you are exceeding your checks then appointments may end up in slots originally planned for complete exams.

Projected Production Available: This is the goal that could be achieved based on the number of revenue slots available. It is your potential. I am showing both a $220 revenue per exam as well as a $250 for this practice.

Projected Production Booked: These are the numbers you are likely to achieve based on the actual schedule. 

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